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Own it together, create forever

Lore enables web3 communities & squads with a shared vault where they can pool resources, own NFTs and create culture together.




Worth of transactions


on-chain proposals

Community Vaults

Web3 social clubs, trait-based collectives, regional communities, or shared-interest groups. Communities use us to collect relics that express their shared lore.

Dead Birds Society

PROOF Collective image
#5932 🪺 image
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Squad valuation69.84 ETH
Members (96)

The Co-Ownership Framework

Our continuous co-ownership framework allows groups to pool resources, collect & flex NFTs, attract new resources. Grow your sub-culture over time.

Raise again and again

Raise funds in any currency (even NFTs!) to supercharge any mission. Easily add new funds and members as you accomplish milestones.

Screenshot showing some contributions in a Lore Funding Round of ETH, NFTs and USDC tokens
Screenshot showing a squads valuation and a members equity on a card

Automagically manage memberships

Issue & manage Membership Cards on-chain to track ownership. Manage exits and sticky situations like when a member loses their wallet.


Leverage our Discord Bot to make decisions fast. Automate governance with notifications, voting and delegation. Operate your vault from Discord.

Screenshot showing syncing Lore squads with Discord
Screenshot showing cursors hovering over a buy nft button with a bored ape logo

More of what you love

Access grails, rewards, and crypto games you couldn’t alone by making web3 multiplayer.

Win together

Flex how your lore and virtual assets are growing. Attract more members and funds. Easily add them to your story!

Screenshot showing a squad valuation that is up 1451% with a grid of 6 NFTs

Collective peace of mind



Store your relics in a battle-tested Gnosis Safe and guard them with multiple guardians. Simulate transactions to always see what’s leaving your wallet.



24/7 Customer support and a lifetime of community support for your mission

The partner program

Launch a co-branded NFT to your community members, which enables access and 3 Gas Credits on Lore

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Excited about the new collaborative models for work, play, and fun enabled by @loredotxyz - who are also our very good friends who are also making our innovative next steps at GlobalKind possible 🥳

DegenGolfer ⛳️ picture

DegenGolfer ⛳️


One of the coolest things I’ve done in this space is join @POC_DAO

We were 11 Random @moonbirds holders, who started a @prysm_xyz squad, raised funds and bought a @proof_xyz pass and have collected art from @refikanadol , @justinaversano and @_deafbeef

0xdosa.eth picture



The @prysm_xyz team going above and beyond. They’ve shared 25x Season 2 co-ownership passes with @824fund

Every 824 member will be able to create their mini NFT VC squad with Prysm 🚀

🙌 @realshelbyt @youngcryptowolf

ebrakejake.eth picture



Cloak Dao purchased our first @Memeland Captainz tonight. Huge shoutout to @prysm_xyz for the great platform and for the quick responses to our questions.

1906.eth | Harold Hughes picture

1906.eth | Harold Hughes


5 months ago, 24 @Blackatxyz members pooled capital together (w/ @prysm_xyz) to buy one of the rarest pieces in the Black is Beautiful collection by @ndartlife (@HouseofFirst). 2 weeks ago, we sold it for a record 4.5 ETH. Tonight we distributed profits using @payroll3xyz . ⚡

BioHapHazard | OGAC picture

BioHapHazard | OGAC


Have your BAYC or MAYC in a mutlisig and are wondering how to stake apecoin while keeping apes and apecoin in your multisig, look no further than @prysm_xyz. Prysm works on top of an existing gnosis safe multisig & adds more functionality, including apecoin staking

Dead Birds Society (🦉 , 💀) picture

Dead Birds Society (🦉 , 💀)


The DeadPool @prysm_xyz squad has broken these birbs free and put them in chainzzzzzz … one @proof_xyz background and two starry nights for this crew! @moonbirds kudos to @divergencearran @divergenceharri and the whole team!

azeemkhan.eth picture



On this early access for @prysm_xyz and it's super dope. The team is putting together an amazing product.

sabby.eth picture



Had an amazing chat with @prysm_xyz team today morning with @pscarlyle , @indiehaus_eth , @mkay_eth and team @RadioactiveApes ! Excited to have been given early access to a platform that makes investing into NFTs a more collaborative and fun experience.