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DeadBirds Society

Lore allowed us to easily spin up a community vault where we raised seven rounds of funding and quickly grew to 96 members. Lore made it easy to raise funds by engendering trust, allowing us to acquire more of what we love, and to grow our brand and our story.


7,500 ETH Coordinated
5,000 Transactions
1,500 GROUPS

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drew coffman 𝕚𝕤 𝕠𝕟𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕖 🟢


Lore is what allowed the FWB nft-general crew to spin up our squad wallet, affectionally known as @squallet_xyz — and now any @FWBtweets members holding 75+ $FWB can create their own ♡ very thankful for tools that foster collaboration in web3

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Martie Weiss


Been a blast working with the @loredotxyz to build @floorbirds_xyz. Little known fun fact: a few Floorbirds DAO members aalso pooled together with Prysm to mint a fresh Chromie Squiggle a couple weeks ago!

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Excited about the new collaborative models for work, play, and fun enabled by @loredotxyz - who are also our very good friends who are also making our innovative next steps at GlobalKind possible 🥳 #NFTCommunity #NFTs

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Liv.NFT 🍯


Building a community isn't just bringing people together - it's creating opportunities for everyone to thrive. With the help of @loredotxyz we're solving the problem of barriers into blue chip NFTs. This week, we acquired @worldofwomennft 🔥 Community led --> Community owned

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Love @loredotxyz right @0xaiko!

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yameii | BIP-420 😺


Best match @Memeland community x @loredotxyz