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Pioneer new worlds with your friends

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we were limited by our own personal abilities and the borders of our own lands. But now, a great collective power enabled by web3 is rising, one that has the potential to transform the way we live, work, play, and create.

Welcome to Lore, where we believe that the power of collective ownership is unlocking endless possibilities.

This new power can be a challenge for everyone to equip. That’s where Lore comes in - we’re dedicated to making co-ownership easy and accessible for all. With Lore, digital-first groups can come together and pool their resources to reshape culture, ownership and commerce.

Gone are the days of being held back by our geographic silos or personal resources. With Lore, the possibilities are endless. We can create new narratives and sub-cultures that define our digital and physical worlds.

Together, let’s turn our legendary missions into a collection of movements that redefine the future.

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Our values

Fellowship with you

By putting the community at the center of our process, we give members the freedom to engage in their own way. Our 24/7 customer support and dedicated community team will help you craft and execute your mission here.


We empower groups. We provide a platform for anyone with an internet connection to achieve goals they couldn't alone. Our accessible UI/UX is designed to be inclusive and equitable.

Adventure safely

We ensure your group's journey on web3 is safe and transparent by using battle-tested, secure, and audited systems such as Gnosis and providing transparency in group equity and transaction history.

The team

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How we operate

10x, not 10%

Think big and take informed 10x bets as they come along. Be prudent, analytical, and objective with big decisions while comfortable with risk.

product thinking

We ship new products, design primitives, and think about the future. We leave flexibility for users to surprise us with emergent use cases.

design for emergence

We put the user at the center of the process, solving pain points as we go. We launch prototypes, gather feedback and iterate to learn from our efforts.

Backed by the best

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Balaji SrinivasanSfermionSublime Ventures
Seed Club VenturesNorth Island VenturesPatricio Worthalter
MischiefSpice CapitalCMT Digital
ZenecaAmir Bandeali...and many more